Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Georgia Heritage Mississippi & Alabama Flags

When Georgia became a part of the United States in 1788 part of its official territory was composed of what would become Alabama and Mississippi. In honor of that time period when Georgia bordered New Spain and the Mississippi River I have created Heritage flags that combines elements of Georgia's Flag with the would be 'Daughters of Georgia.'

Mississippi Georgia Heritage Flag

The Missigeorgia Flag

The canton was made mostly blue like Georgia State flag and yellow was added since Georgia has a touch of yella' in it.

From 1788 unto 1802 the northern part of Mississippi was a part of Georgia. This is when Georgia bordered the Mississippi river, for 14 years. Georgia fought tooth an nail to hold on to her Mississippi shoreline but the federal government thought otherwise, thanks to President Jefferson.

Alabama-Georgia Heritage Flag
The Georgibama Flag

Alabama borders Georgia and was once a part of her in the same time frame from 1788 unto 1802. Here the canton of Georgia's flag is replaced with Alabama's flag.

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