Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Flags in Back to School 1986 - The Hooter Owl College Pennants

School Pennant
Back to School 1986

Back to School 1986 stars Rodney Dangerfield, Robert Downey Junior and Kieth Gordon. The three men are seen here about to enter a revamped dorm room. Mr. Downey here plays as a left wing anti-establishment college kid Derek Lutz. In his hands are the schools pennant with name and mascot - an owl.

Cheerleaders with pom poms
Back to School 1986

The livery of Hooters is red and white. Pom poms are vexilloids in a primitive sense. In essence they are a bundles of hundreds of mini flags, when waved they make a distinct swishing sound.

School Pennant - 'HOOTERS' on the wall
Back to School 1986

Here Jason Melon passes by a trophy case with a school pennant on the wall. Jason is on the way to participate in a diving competition.

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