Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dead Space Flags - 2008 Video Game

Flags in Dead Space 2008

Dead Space 2008 is a survival zombie sci-fi video game set in the future. It combines gore, alien invaders, action, horror, politics, and dives fist first into cult religious fundamentalism.

This is not a game for children. The gore factor pushes the envelope as do the cut scenes. The core fear factor resides in musical score. The result is Alien 1979 looks like mere child's play.

Military Recruitment Poster with flag
Dead Space 2008

You play as Issac Clarke, whose name pays homage to pioneering science fiction writers Issac Asimov and Arthur Clarke.

In Dead Space mankind meets up with a hostile alien demonic species that uses telepathic means to control and subjugate people in its own way, people are mere objects to a means.

Some of the scenes are psychologically disturbing.

Ship Logos of the USG Ishimura and USM Valor

Flag of the USM Valor
Dead Space 2008

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