Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Buckingham Township Arms - Bucks Couty, Pennsylvania

Buckingham Township Seal - Bucks County

Buckingham Township is located in the heart of Bucks County one of the original counties of Pennsylvania.

Bucks is a simplified version of Buckingham County - but the original name is preserved here on in Buck's Buckingham Township. The shield of arms is similar with that of William Penn. The shied has a silvery argent - Sergent base. It is 'parted' in fess sable with three circles of 'Sergent'

For thoust familiar with heraldry, I am using free speak American lingo - as opposed to orthodox thy royal 'ms-dos' format.

The supporters are fruits and vegetables - an ear of open corn revealing its ripe kernels and a succulent grapes ready to eat or make wine out of. The motto is on a light brown scroll in the compartment with 'Peace & Plenty. ' The background-field is navy blue. At the helm is a animal drawn human guided plow.

In a silver circle it is written 'Bucks . 1700 . County . Buckingham Township.'

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