Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Brunswick-Maine Heritage Flag

New Brunswick-Maine Heritage Flag
The New Mainswick Flag

This flag is to be flown over the region in Maine or New Brunswick that was claimed and lost by Canada or the United States.

Basically it's the New Brunswick flag with a United States twist. The Royal English Lion is replaced with the Constellation of Leo the Lion. It maintains a 'Royal Lion' but in a 'new constellation' in honor of the US Flag. The water waves are changed to red and white in Yankee Tradition.

Although the 4th of July is an American Holiday, it is also a vital moment in Canadian History. This flag is appropriate since it was 100 years ago that Canada and the USA were at war with each other. But since then relations between these sibling nations is as good as it gets, relative to most of the nations of the world.

Domestically Maine and New Brunswick are like border states/provinces between the North and the South as it is in Kentucky or Maryland. But the historical division is wider between these 'brother nations ' who went their separate ways in 1776.

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