Monday, July 2, 2012

An Appeal to Heaven Flag Fun

One of the Early Flags of the
American Revolution in 1776

This flag was used in the early part of the revolution by continental forces at large. Generally it represented the Northern States.

A Keebler Elf Version of the Pine Tree Flag
US Revolution meets cookies

This flag is a mash up of the US Appeal to Heaven Pine Tree flag with the Keebler Cookie Elf Tree - so familiar to people who grew up on television. Although not a pine tree per say - but hey, isn't it funny? And no, the Keebler Company does not give me money nor do I have any relations business or familial.

The Giving Tree fused with the
US Patriotic Appeal to Heaven Flag

The Giving Tree was a children's book written by Shel Silverstein in 1964. It is a touching story about giving and what it means to love. Another non-pine tree sitting in, but this is one of the most famous trees in the childhood universe. Makes you wonder will there be anymore famous trees coming up? Hopefully it'll be pine, maybe in the next 20 years. I think we are due.

The Lego Version of the
Pine Tree-Appeal to Heaven Flag

Here Legos pose as the Pine Tree US Revolution flag. So appropriate and matches very well.

The flimsy Peanuts tree fused to US Patriot Pine Tree Flag
A Charlie Brown Christmas

This little poor Christmas Tree chosen by Charlie Brown back in 1965 has echoed across the imagination of American Youth. The word 'Heaven' has been switched with Linuses' favorite word when things go awry, 'Good Grief!'

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