Monday, June 25, 2012

Top Gun, Vexilloids & Patches on Leather Jacket of US Naval Aviator Lieut. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell

Back of Maverick's Aviator Jacket
Top Gun 1986

The flags on the large central patch are - the United States, United Nations, Japan, and Taiwan.

Left side of Maverick's Leather Jacket
Top Gun 1986

Here Maverick shakes his hand with Mike "Viper" the teacher. As he does the port side of his leather jacket is visible. Always remember that Portugal is on the left-port side of Europe.

Front side of Jacket
Top Gun 1986

Notice the flag of patch of Texas on his left shoulder. In 1986 the threat of nuclear war palatable in the media. In the US Navy, the top gun vehicle was the F-14 Tomcat, before the age of covert drone planes. In a quantum stretch you can think of a fighter jet as being simply a flying gun. It's a real fancy gun with wings and can do all kinds of tricks.

Right side by Airport
Top Gun 1986

Here Maverick played by Tom Cruise sits on a motorcycle by the military landing strip for fighter jets. The right-starboard side of his jacket is visible. Remember to reach for the star-board stars with your right hand like a right wing patriotic American - otherwise you'll be a left wing cosmonaut.


  1. The way I learned is that "port" and "left" both have 4 letters, "right" and "starboard" both have more than 4. Also, make sure you pronounce it "STARberd" and not "star-board"

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