Sunday, June 3, 2012

South Park School Flag with reversed red and white stripes

US flag
in front of South Park Elementary, IM

South Park is a long running Generation X/Counter Culture 'Charlie Brownesque on Roids Rage' satire that focuses on US culture. Considered by some to be harsh and fowl, while others it is hilarious entertainment, and for some a form of religious-political orthodoxy. No subject is taboo - as the show pokes fun at the famous, infamous, and regular folk. The issues of racism, bigotry, politics, and other less than polite dinner conversation are a staple.

The US flag often makes an appearance in the immensely popular adult college oriented animated television show. Upon close inspection of the flag you may notice a small difference. It certainly looks like the US Flag but differs slightly - especially the flag at South Park Elementary, Imagination Land.

US Flag as seen with South Park School

Digitized Version of South Parks US Flag

Note there are still 13 stripes but the colour order is reversed. The official US flag has 7 red and 6 white stripes but the US South Park flag has 6 red and 7 white stripes. Also note there are 5 horizontal even spaced rows of 10 stars. The official star pattern consists of 9 horizontal staggered rows - 5 with six stars and 4 with five stars.

Official US Flag compared to South Park US Flag

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