Sunday, June 10, 2012

Maniac Mansion - the flag in Weird Ed's Room

An orange-red pennant
above the hamster cage in Weird Ed's Room

A flag makes an appearance in one of the cult classic of 80s video gaming history - Manic Mansion 1987 by Lucasarts.

This game combines writing, imagination, and mystery with puzzle solving. Hand eye coordination are not necessary but an ability to think at put things together and experiment is important.

Elements of 1950s B-movie horror shows are mixed and mashed with 80s hip culture. It's 80s meets 50s shaken with George Lucas Imagination topped with a dash of Happy Days sprinkle.

No doubt someday a well done Manic Mansion movie will come to life - but it has to be set in the 80s! Unlike Monster House it must be released in September or October! If they make a modern 20-TTG movie (2000 text tween generation) it will stink monkey poo soup.

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