Friday, June 15, 2012

Flags in Coraline 2009 - Hanging around in Ashland, Oregon

Shakespeare Fesitival
Coraline 2009

Truly moving art with a witty and well acted cast. It sparkles with a harp and smells of toasted talent. It has hidden morals yet sings with eye catching refinement.

This film should have won an academy award.

The story takes place in February
sometime in the 20-ohs/via primitive cell phones

Finally a stop animation film that can be watched every mid-February. The setting could be mid-November as well, but this sign gives away when the story takes place in the most subtle of ways.

Pink Palace with Sign
Notice tiny Russian Imperial Flag

A pink American Gingerbread House - a far cry from the McMansion. Just as every ounce of a gingerbread house is meticulously and lovingly put together - so too was this film. A lot of sweat-ful joy went into this production. It is a first class artisan film. As American Ginger Houses ooze of love so to does this film.

A Masterpiece of Art & Acting, worthy of a Shakespeare Cameo!

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