Monday, June 11, 2012

Flags in Clerks - 1994

White Banderitos Flags are circled red
Clerks 1994

In the classic 90s in a nutshell Clerks 1994 - little waving flags (aka Banderito Flags) can been seen on the lawn of the funeral home of a recently deceased school mate and x-love.

Directed by Kevin Smith - who subsequently became a key note filmmaker for 90s youth culture. It is raunchy, funny, silly, artful, deep and strangely optimistic. Clerks is a masterpiece of black and white cinema in the overly pre-packaged formula profit shareholder business-Hollywood machine of the modern age.

Notice the 'Baderito Flag' by the potted plant
Clerks 1994

Dante left, Randal right are running out of the funeral home after accidentally tipping over the casket. Next to the flower pot are little 'banderito' flags in white or perhaps yellow. These flags often communicate messages to construction crews about under ground hazards, marks of design or warnings for the public to keep off due to lawn spraying and other miscellaneous reasons.

Relive the 1990s - "the last generation before cell-o-phozation"

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