Monday, June 25, 2012

Flags in a Christmas Story 1983 - it's time for Christmas in June!

Parade Flags - A Christmas Story 1983

Merry Christmas! I know it's June, but since it's the 'Twenty Fifth' of June, a little Christmas Cheer wouldn't hurt anyone?

Christmas in June make more sense since its fairly warm in the Holy Land. FYI Israel is at the same latitude of Louisiana - just about.

Christmas Flag - A Christmas Story 1983

This film is one of those precious timeless gems that was made for little yet had the deepest of impacts.

Getting your tongue stuck to a flag pole
A Christmas Story 1983

Raphie here got his tongue stuck on the flag pole! Hey kids never ever do this!

US Flag in the Clasroom
A Christmas Story 1983

Jeepers would you look at that a chalk board! How quaint.

US flag outside of the class room
notice the neat rows of the 48 starred US flag

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