Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Eurorica the Subcontinent - a.k.a. Greenland

Flag of Eurorica
the Subcontinent Greenland

Since Greenland is so large - some geographers believe that it fits the definition of a continent. If not a full member, it qualifies as a subcontinent like India or the Middle East.

The flag of Eurorica takes elements of Scandinavia, America, and Quebec. The cross is of Scandinavian design like Norway, Sweden and Finland. The stars stem from the several American nations that use stars in their flags like the USA, Panama, Cuba and Venezuela.

Blue directly matches in colour with Quebec's Flag. Orange and white was chosen to match the color scheme of the Antarctica Flag designed by Whitney Smith.

The core of this subcontinent is Greenland. Geographically speaking Iceland and many of the 'Canadian North Indies'- Ellesmere Island, Devon Island, and Axel Heiberg Island. Part of Svalbard would be classified purely as a part of Eurorica too - Prins Karls Forland, Nordaustlandet, Kivtoya, and Kong Karls Land. Even a small portion of Russia's Franz Josef Land is a part of the 'Dwarf Continent' of Eurorica - Alexandra Land.

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