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Badges and Emblems in Outland 1981

Plant Manager of Io outpost Con-Am 27
Mark Sheppard - Outland 1981

Outland 1981 is a gritty space lawman adventure. Starring Sean Connery as Marshall O'Neal working to keep order on one of the moons of Jupiter - Io. However the plant manager is pushing the workload to the extreme with illegal drugs for higher profit margins. Although technology has advanced - the temptation of drugs, greed, and machismo are still factors in work and play.

Marshall William T. O' Neal
Outland 1981

Notice logo on Marshall O'Neals left arm - three golden keys on green disc with a golden circle.

This movie shrewdly predicts the primary purpose of travel to distant moons in our solar system - capital gain via resource exploitation.

On Io they mine Titanium. Titanium seems to be a primary staple coveted in most sci-fiction movies.

Arm Patch of the Federal Security Agency 27

All security officers wear a hexagonal arm patch on the right shoulder. In a frame along the edges it is written 'FEDERAL SECURITY AGENCY' in yellow on red. In the middle is a six pointed sheriff's star and the number of the mining colony - 27.

Outland is the gritty middle less loved sci-fi child in between Alien 1979 and Blade Runner 1982 - that shows advances in human technology do not necessarily mean an advance in human morality-compassion.

Medical Badge of Dr. Lazarus

An even edge hexagonal arm patch is used to represent the medical personnel. It has a red frame and the popular winged serpent staff of healing. Dr. Lazarus here is played by Frances Sternhagen.

Company Logo of Mining Station
Con-Am 27

Company logo for the mining colony consists of rainbow coloured circles, starting from the inside - red, orange, yellow, green, black, blue, violet, purple, black and yellow. Along the center is the name 'Con Am' written in yellow on blue on a superior elongated octagon. Near the lower portion is the mining colony number - 27.

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