Friday, June 1, 2012

Adventure 1979 - Atari Video Game Vexilloid

Original Box Cover Art
Adventure 1979

On the original cover art for the classic video game Adventure 1979 for Atari we see a vexilloid like structure. On a pathway in between a maze with a dragon and castle are two men holding staffs of different sizes. Due to their height they are more than simple walking sticks. The staffs carried by the two adventurous men are primitive vexilloids.

Their clothing and hats indicate that they are familiar with alchemy and the magical arts. Thus their staffs will most likely have inscriptions, symbols, or other crystals embedded within them.

Adventure 1979 was the first successful action-adventure video game written for a home entertainment system. It offered challenge, variety and even anxiety.

The game play even holds up in 2012! No music but dragons and surprises will keep your adrenal glands going.

Close up - of Simple Staff Vexilloid
Adventure 1979 for the Original Atari 2600

The game was created by Warren Robinett. But back in the day - 1970s - giving credit to programmers was like way to weird. So he wrote in one of the most famous video game Easter Eggs.

We learn the name of the dragons Yorgle the yellow dragon, Grundle the Green Dragon, and the bad ass Rhindle the Red Dragon. But we never learn about the heroes of the story. I suppose some Adventure fiction is overdue. Or maybe a modern version that uses the cover art?

Adventure was the Grandaddy of Zelda

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