Friday, June 22, 2012

American-Mexican State Heritage Flags

The following flags are American-Mexican State Heritage Flags, created in honor of their Mexican Heritage. The south western states were once a part of Mexico. So these flags can be flown over the part of the state that was once a part Mexico - thus all of California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and most of Texas. But only a small portion of Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas and Oklahoma were a part of Mexico.

Utah-Mexican American Heritage Flag
The Utaxico Flag

The beehive has been replaced with a prickly pear cactus. And a Mexican Flag has replaced the US flag on the right and the back ground is green. Believe it or not Bringham Young emigrated to Mexico before it became a part of the United States.

Oklahoma-Mexican Heritage Flag
The Oklameximaho Flag

The Oklameximaho Flag is based upon the original state flag of Oklahoma but instead of the number 46 it is written in Spanish - and coincidentally the Mexican-American War started in 1846.

Wyoming-Mexican Heritage Flag
The Wyomexming Flag

The Wyomexming flag has colours fit to the national colours of Mexico. On the smallest south western corner of Wyoming was a part of Mexico.

Kansas-Mexican Heritage Flag
The Kansaxamexis Flag

The sunflower has been replaced with a poinsetta - which originates from Mexico. Merry Christmas, oops! I meant to say... iFeliz Navidad!

Texas-Mexican Heritage Flag
The Mexatexas Flag

The Mexatexas Flag just has a different colour pattern. The colours are similar to pan-African colours on purpose as well - since some of the first illegal immigrants into Texas were African Slaves brought over by the USA. When Mexico invited Americans from the Southwest to colonize way before the Mexican-American War, Mexico told them that they were not supposed to bring their slaves - but many a rich Southerner and few a Northerner did so illegally, in total contempt for Mexican Law.

New Mexico-Mexican Heritage Flag
The New Xameximico Flag

The New Xemeximico Flag just has colours of Mexico with a larger Zia Pueblo cross.

Colorado-Mexican Heritage Flag
The Colomexirado Flag

The Colomexirado flag has colours found on the Mexican Flag.

Arizona-Mexican Heritage Flag
The Arizexica Flag

The colours of the Mexican National flag are imprinted and combined with the design of Arizona's flag.

Nevada-Mexican Heritage Flag
The Nevexada Flag

More Colours of Mexico, coincidentlaly most of the state flags in Mexico have white backgrounds.

California-Mexican Heritage Flag
The Mexilfornia Flag

The changes are: the wings of the Mexican Eagle are combined with the California Bear and the red star has been changed to green. Also the flag is explained in black. The fanciful animal is known as a "Grizzly Beagle."


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