Friday, June 29, 2012

Alaska and Nevada - Fraternal Matching Flags

Flag of Alaska

The 'flag twin' of Alaska is Nevada. Their simple designs and rich blue backgrounds unite these bucolic semi-alien wonderlands of America. Both flags feature stars in their corners - Nevada with a single white star in the upper hoist while Alaska has a yellow star in the upper fly. Alaska has eight stars while Nevada only has one - echoing the motto of 'Out of One, Many.'

The corner stars of the these flags reflect that ever so enchanting notion of of 'Silver and Gold.' These two elements were epic in shaping the initial culture of both states with the Comstock Lode silver find in Virginia, City Nevada and Klondike Gold Rush with Alaska.

Both states are tied to the West Coast via the Pacific Watershed. Alaska and Nevada are heirs to big and wide open spaces, everyone knows that Alaska is the biggest state in the union but did you know that Nevada holds the title as the largest internal state? Alaska is the largest state with an international border, while Nevada is king of the states without an international border.

Flag of Nevada

Of cultural symmetry linking these expansive and quite dangerous environments are the Iditarod and Pony Express. Both were basically one time deals that have become epic footnotes in American History. The Iditarod was a one state show for Alaska and it eventually turned into a state holiday. However the tale of the Pony Express involved several states but arguably the most difficult part of the journey was though the lonely dry expanse in Nevada, ask any trucker who must drive though this state into or out of California, "Hey Trucker can you imagine crossing Nevada on horseback without ac or cold drinks in the middle of summer?"

Both states have their modern cities with creature comforts that supports modern cyber-civilization. There are hard working heaters in Alaska just as their are always on air conditioners in Nevada. But both states are home to grizzly gun men and strong bush women who know how kill, skin, and eat a moose or rabbit. Likewise both states have wild and virgin expanses that only trained nature lovers should venture into.

Technologically both states are power plants or virtual mitochondria for our communal American Dream. What I mean is, that the Hoover Dam and Alaskan Pipeline were amazing instruments of technology in their time, and quite frankly still are. Both of these man made or rather woman willed wonders are often featured in movies. However they are often overlooked by ordinary Americans who live far far away. Although these states don't get much to do attention during federal elections, due to the low electoral college vote, they are important understated power players.

Of geographical significance is both states sit in the cross hairs of Africa, Asia, and Europe. What does this mean? Well for Nevada a portion is parallel to Europe, while its southern regions are parallel to Africa. So depending on which part of Nevada you're in you can call it African or European like weather. As for being like Asia - Nevada is similar in stance to Afghanistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. Thus the wild grizzly gun men of Nevada would feel at home in these areas.

Now for Alaska it's obviously not at any latitude of Africa, but when you look at it's longitudinal coordinates it lines up with the Africa-Europe-Asia overlap with the Middle East. Juneau is like Moscow, that if you travel due north or south past the poles you will cross over Asia, Africa, and Europe. Note most of the United States is aligned with Asia when you travel due north or south past the poles. And geographically speaking the most western islands of Alaska are a part of the Asian Continent - but don't tell this to fundamentalist geographer.

So what does this mean? Interesting geography and an alignment of providence between these two states of similar flags, I suppose. Basically if you are praying to the Holy Land in Jerusalem or Mecca you can pray east or west if you are in Nevada, and north or south if you are in Alaska.

Thus people in Christochina, Alaska are over the pole due north or south of Israel, likewise in the town of Eagle, Alaska all mosques should face due north.Coincidentally both states have 'outlaw' reputations.

Gambling, concubine work, and smoking cannabis are ancient activities that are partially kosher or rather halal between these two states. Do it in the wrong place and the police will throw you in jail, but do it in the right place, right time, and right way and the police will protect you.

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