Monday, June 4, 2012

2010 the year we make contact - flags and vexilloids

US and California Flag
2010 : the year we make contact - 1984

Two years ago was the time frame for a science fiction film set in the future from 1984 - 2010: The Year We Make Contact. It like many futuristic movies severely overshot the technological and politico situation. The Soviet Union went the way of the dodo and no visits to the moon since the 1970s.

Soviet Mission Patches
2010: the year we make contact - 1984

Although the Soviet Union is nothing but an echo of our world culture, the cosmonaut continues to explore the heavens in harmony with astronauts.

US and Soviet Flags on Computer Displays
2010: the year we make contact - 1984

From the 1950-unto the 1980s the threat of a global nuclear holocaust hung in the balance between the two super powers after WWII. It seemed that this rivalry would last for centuries, but something happened, some thing good. Who is to blame for this goodness and end of Cold War tensions?

One man alone? I think not! I am certain that thousands of women and men help avert this global disaster and received no credit, and if you disagree with that then like Fonzie says - sit on it!

Joint US-Soviet Jupiter Patch
2010: the year we make contact - 1984

The joint Soviet-US Jupiter patch is visible over Roy Schiders left breast. It is an upside down triangle with one half red denoting the Soviet Union and the other half stripped and starred denoting the United States. In the center is the planet Jupiter.

Time Magazine Cover form 2010

A fictional Time Magazine cover in an alternate 2010 dimension? It reflects the worry of the 1980s that the US and USSR were near the edge of war.

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  1. The fictional Time Magazine cover features Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick as the US President and Russian Premier. An inside joke or cameo.