Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quack Flags of Dr. Terminus from Pete's Dragon 1977

Notice flags behind the Doctor
"You need to buy this load of bull"

Here are several 'signal' land quack flags from the film Pete's Dragon 1977. The flags belong to the charming and charismatic Dr. Terminus. Dr. Terminus is the witty antagonist who gladly exploits the ignorant.

There is a sucker born every minute and it is the duty of the honorable businessman to take that suckers dollar before it falls into someone other evil hand.

Dr. Terminus with assistant Buttons

More flags of the wind powered land car

Perhaps these flags can be christened as specific career based schiesters?

Get Rich Quick Con Artist Flag

Buy this book or video and you'll make 10,000 dollars a month - or your money back, guaranteed.

Friendship-Lover Con Artist Flag

Be my best friend and I'll use you to the max, never meet you half way, do stuff that only I want, and keep other friends I know away from you.

Business Con Artist Flag

Preys on other business or consumers. That man "made-off" on the greedy instincts of other intelligent people with such sly and charm, that he deserves a medal and should keep all of his money.

Medical Con Artist Flag

You need to buy this drug to be happy because you are a 40 old woman, if you don't you may get cancer.

Entertainment Agent Con Artist Flag

We need 400.00 to start up your (acting-book-music) career. You'll be on screen and famous in no time.

Communication Con Artist Flag - Phone, Email, or Text

"You've just won a $1,000.00 shopping gift certificate! Call back in 48 hrs to claim your prize, all we need is your Social Security Number."

The Entertainment Con Artist Flag

Crappy games, movies, and trailers that mislead. "Come see action packed thriller," but in reality its a flim flam incoherent drama. LJN videogames in the 1980s - mostly.

Sleazy Salesman Con Artist Flag

Maybe a car, bicycle, used television? You get ripped off and they run away.

Political Con Artist Flag

Vote for me I'll make all your wishes come true! The other guy is stupid and if you don't you will loose your job.

The Academic Con Artist Flag

False data, stealing other ideas, back stabbing, and lots of lying.

The Faith Based Con Artist Flag

Give me money and do what I say or you will burn in hell.

These flags add meaning and depth to the term "you've been flagged." Now we can flag back on scammers and other, nearly criminal minds.

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