Monday, May 28, 2012

Halberd Vexilloid from the Wizard of Oz

Halberds for the Wizard of Oz - 1939

The primary weapon of the Wicked Witch's Army consisted of a Halbred. Basically a pole with a deadly tip. The grey tassels it make more than just a weapon. The spear heads are cut in a fancy manner that is more artful than utilitarian.

The Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man and Toto
Wizard of Oz 1939

Here the Scarecrow, Lion,Tin Man, and Toto are in disguise. We get a close up glimpse of the finials with an intricate gingerbread cut. Attached to the finials are large grey tassels that make it a vexilloid. Red tassels are also abundant on their uniforms.

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