Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flags in the movie Ghost 1990

Shakespeare Festival Flag Ghost 1990

The most original flag to appear in Ghost is the 'Shakespeare Festival' flag. It uses the colours red, white and blue. It is an announcement flag - telling the public that the Spring Street Repertory is celebrating the works of William Shakespeare. Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen have just walked out from seeing the play MacBeth - which coincidentally features a ghost as a key element.

Oda Mae Brown with unknown corporate flags

Ghost is a tear jerking, romance, comedy and moral story about life and love. Although shaded with a deep melancholy - the over all message is uplifting. Starring the Whoopi Goldberg as Oda Mae Brown. Oda Mae starts out as a less than honest psychic whose gift manifests after the death of Sam Wheat. She is also guided to a higher path. She learns to live with her gift and walk a better path.

Sam and Oda Mae giving four million dollars to charity
Notice US flags in the background

Patrick Swayze stars as the ghost of Sam Wheat. He is invisible to everyone except for Oda Mae Brown - who can hear him speak. Here, Sam convinces her to do the right thing with the stolen blood money.

Sam Wheat..."It's amazing Molly, the love take it with you."

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