Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Flags in Red Dwarf of the BBC

Red Dwarf Arm Patch

A British Sitcom set in the distant future. Red Dwarf is a nearly dwarf planet size space vehicle. Like a ship in the Navy it is run with fitness and perfection with rank and file. However a low ranking tech brings a black cat on board without permission and is put in cryonic jail. But then like Futurama - but way before - he gets out and things have went awry and he is in the distant future. His cat has evolved into a humanoid like fashionista and only a hologram and ships wise computer keep him company.

UK and USA flag in Red Dwarf

You can see the UK flag and USA flag on behind the 'hologram' man with the white T-shirt. In this show Hologram people have marks on their head denoting so.

Flag of Wales in Red Dwarf
Pilot Episode - 1988

During the first episode when Red Dwarf was fully staffed with people a funeral took place for a crew member from Wales, apparently.

Red Dwarf is a charming and wittily sci-fi sit-com hybrid. It is kinda' like What's Happening meets Star Trek Voyager & Futurama with a tiny dash of Benny Hill?

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