Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baker Island Flag 2.0 - a reboot

Baker Island Flag - rebooted

After careful consideration and professional feedback from the 2012 Spring CBFA Meeting, thanks to Voron Xarya, a redesign is in order. No more skinny English Flag, rather five stripes. The five stripes by the lower hoist symbolize the five parts of the USA that are closest to the Australian Continent: American Samoa, Baker Island, Howland Island, Guam, and Rota of the Northern Mariana Islands.Believe it or not those five 'territories' of the USA are arguably geographically a part of Australia. America even has a small native marsupial population just like Australia - "Opossums!"
The five stripes by the upper fly represent the five US states with a pacific coast line.
But the central crab is still "universal-substitutive" - meaning it can be anything that remotely looks like a hermit crab.

photo crab credit
Pagurus bernhardus - Stavern, Norway. On board the boat, it left it's house.
Norsk (bokmål)‬: Eremittkreps - Pagurus bernhardus. Den ble med ei sjøkrepsteine opp fra dypet ved Stavern, og krøp ut av huset.15 May 2011 Arnstein Rønning

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  1. Not liking the pale blue central stripe... Too hard to reproduce on a flag. A darker royal blue would be nicer, and the crab image should be stylized and not cartoonish, or even replaced with a white or yellow star.