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Flags in the movie Ghost 1990

Shakespeare Festival Flag Ghost 1990

The most original flag to appear in Ghost is the 'Shakespeare Festival' flag. It uses the colours red, white and blue. It is an announcement flag - telling the public that the Spring Street Repertory is celebrating the works of William Shakespeare. Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen have just walked out from seeing the play MacBeth - which coincidentally features a ghost as a key element.

Oda Mae Brown with unknown corporate flags

Ghost is a tear jerking, romance, comedy and moral story about life and love. Although shaded with a deep melancholy - the over all message is uplifting. Starring the Whoopi Goldberg as Oda Mae Brown. Oda Mae starts out as a less than honest psychic whose gift manifests after the death of Sam Wheat. She is also guided to a higher path. She learns to live with her gift and walk a better path.

Sam and Oda Mae giving four million dollars to charity
Notice US flags in the background

Patrick Swayze stars as the ghost of Sam Wheat. He is invisible to everyone except for Oda Mae Brown - who can hear him speak. Here, Sam convinces her to do the right thing with the stolen blood money.

Sam Wheat..."It's amazing Molly, the love take it with you."

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Wizard of Oz Flag from the original book by

The Wizard of Oz flag is cut in a X-division into four fields. There are two versions of the flag. As states in Chapter 17 in Dorthy and the Wizard of Oz the colours are pink, sky-blue, lavender, and white.

In Chapter 5 of The Magic of Oz the flag is composed of red, yellow, blue and purple.

The first image of an Oz flag manifested in Glinda of Oz in 1920. It consists of a green shaded octagon with 'O' and 'Z' superimposed upon each other.

Legion of Courage Badge from the Wizard of Oz 1939

The Cowardly Lion becoming the Brave Lion
The Wizard of Oz 1939

The Cowardly Lion being awarded a medal for his bravery by the Wizard of Oz. Dorthy and the gang stand in astonishment and witness to the event.

Cowardly Lion No More

The Wizard explains that you too are just as brave as anyone else. Medal or not, badges and military pins are simply markers of what is already inside.

Close up of Medal-Badge - Legion of Courage

The badge for the Legion of Courage is held up by a vertically seven striped ribbon - four red and three white. The medallion consists of a cross with a knights helmet facing dexter with the motto of "COURAGE" underneath written in gold on a blue scroll.

Vexilloid of the Wizard of Oz - or rather the Page of Oz

Servant to the Wizard of Oz with Vexilloid

The Wizard of Oz is something of mysterious character. Originally from Kansas, he was wafted away to Oz during a hot air balloon ride gone awry.

In Oz the wisest of the wise is a wizard from Kansas. He maintains power through effective use of 'Smoke and Mirrors' appearing more powerful in a made up projection.

Wizard of Oz in disguise as his page

Halberd Vexilloid from the Wizard of Oz

Halberds for the Wizard of Oz - 1939

The primary weapon of the Wicked Witch's Army consisted of a Halbred. Basically a pole with a deadly tip. The grey tassels it make more than just a weapon. The spear heads are cut in a fancy manner that is more artful than utilitarian.

The Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man and Toto
Wizard of Oz 1939

Here the Scarecrow, Lion,Tin Man, and Toto are in disguise. We get a close up glimpse of the finials with an intricate gingerbread cut. Attached to the finials are large grey tassels that make it a vexilloid. Red tassels are also abundant on their uniforms.

Flag for the Mayor of Munchkin Town from the Wizard of Oz 1939

Heraldic Trumpet Flags - Muchkin Town
The Wizard of Oz 1939

After it is established in Munchkin Town that the Wicked Witch of the East is dead, the people of Munchkin Town celebrate and the Mayor comes out to proclaim a celebration and honor of Dorthy from Kansas.

Flags & Mayor of Munchkin Town
The Wizard of Oz 1939

The Mayoral Flags of Munchkin town are seen as heraldic trumpet like flags. Gold and white are the primary colours. The lower end is fringed in gold. In the central position is what looks like a double ended trumpet-flower? It is framed with golden designs. The shape is a Munchkin Gonfalone.

Dorthy is honored as the Town Hero
The Wizard of Oz 1939

The Munchkin coroner, mayor, and officials all confirm the Wicked Witch of the East is gone. Dorthy and Toto are sitting in the state carriage - also known as Munchkin One.

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Flag in the Holliday Christmas Classic Elf 2003 - Starring Wil Ferrell

North Pole Elf Flag
Elf 2003

It may be Memorial Day Weekend - but since it's the 25th it is time for Christmas in May. Nine years ago Will Ferrell starred in one of the funniest Christmas movies to come out in a long time - Elf.

The original flag in this film is the red, white and green elf flag. It is similar in structure to an official standard but with a swallow tail. It has eight vertical stripes four white and four green. Near the hoist is a white snowflake on a red circle. The pole is also striped - white and green with a snowball for headpiece-finial.

US flag in Empire State Building Entrance
Elf 2003

US flags in the entrance way of the Empire State Building.

US Flag with Buddy the 'Elf'

Will Farrell plays as Buddy the elf. Buddy is an orphaned boy who accidentally gets taken to the North Pole one Christmas Night and is raised by an elf who never had time to make his own family.

Michael's School from Elf 2003

When Buddy the elf returns to his human family in NYC he is able to meet his long lost brother - Michael. Michael's middle school flag features a big cat with the apparent livery of yellow and blue.

NOAA Corps Flag and US Public Health Service Commissoned Corps

NOAA Corps Flag

Most people are familiar with the big four of uniformed federal service branches - Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy and not to mention the Coast Guard. However there are two more federally commissioned corps that don't get much time in the spot light - NOAA Corps and the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

The more familiar branch is the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Perhaps the most famous of all uniformed generals known to the public is The Surgeon General - especially to smokers. The Surgeon General was created under President Grant in 1871. Recently famous and colourful Surgeon Generals included Joycelyn Elders and Everett Koop.

The least known of the Uniformed Service branches is NOAA Corps. NOAA Corps is a part of NOAA, but only NOAA Corps can wear the military style uniform. NOAA Corps is like a private navy for NOAA.

If you never heard of NOAA it is the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. NOAA is a federal Agency like the FBI, but instead of dealing with criminal activity NOAA pays close attention to the weather and environment. Instead of police, NOAA is packed with the scientifically minded. Thus NOAA corps is the closest thing to a real life American Star Trek Agency with military rank and a scientific mission. But in an emergency, the US Navy can draft NOAA Crops 'air-sea land troopers' when things get too thin.

US Public Health Service Flag

Both flags feature anchors in their flags - denoting a connectivity to the US Navy. The NOAA Corps flag features two anchors piercing the earth with an eagle standing in a proud stance on top of the earth.

The US Public Health Flag also uses wings but of a different sort - in the traditional medical wings of Ophiucus - the cosmic healer in the night sky.

Link to NOAA CORPS - "The Very Very Few, Proud & Adventurous"

Link to NOAA

Link to United States Public Heath Service
Did you know smoking increases the risk of cancer?

Johnny Depp and the Surgeon General talk about AIDS

NOAA Corps Video - the real life SEA LAB 2020

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One Crazy Summer Flag - Flags and other Pennants

Australian Flag as Ensign
One Crazy Summer 1986

New York Knicks Pennant
One Crazy Summer 1986

One Crazy Summer Flag - Generic High School Banner

Generic High School Graduation Banner
One Crazy Summer 1986

One Crazy Summer Flag - Ack Ack Raymonds father's shop

Pioneer Rangers Troop 35 - Ack Ack Raymond's Father
One Crazy Summer 1986

One Crazy Summer Flag - The Stork Twins

Stork Twins Flag
One Crazy Summer 1986

One Crazy Summer is an 80s coming of age movie where the underdogs learn to stand up to bullies. It's a repeating theme for summer movies - often set at camp. But this movie is set in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

The Stork Twins are named Egg and Clay Stork. Classic 80s stand up Bobcat Goldthwait plays as the shorter "dominant-yang" twin as Egg Stork, while the Tom Villard plays as Clay Stork - the taller lanky "less dominant-yin" twin.

The Stork Twins Flag
One Crazy Summer 1986

This is the flag of the Stork Twins as it appears in the movie above the Stork and Son's Garage. It consists of a stork carrying two baby storks in a bundle in its mouth

The twins are not identical. Rather they seem to be fraternal. Meaning that although they have the same mom and dad and may have been born at the same time, they did not hatch from the same egg.

Clay Stork and Egg Stork
One Crazy Summer 1986

One Crazy Summer Flag - The Boat Ensign

The Ensign of "The Boat"
One Crazy Summer 1986

Starring John Cusack in 1986 One Crazy Summer is the heart of the 80s coming of age underdog vs bullies summer movie classic.

Set in Nantucket this comedic-drama has a regatta where our heroes must win in order to save the an old home from a condominium developer.

Their boat is flagged with a pennant - a white crab with an over sized right arm on a field of red. In contrast to the villains which is a red lobster.

The Ensign of The Boat

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Flags in Red Dwarf of the BBC

Red Dwarf Arm Patch

A British Sitcom set in the distant future. Red Dwarf is a nearly dwarf planet size space vehicle. Like a ship in the Navy it is run with fitness and perfection with rank and file. However a low ranking tech brings a black cat on board without permission and is put in cryonic jail. But then like Futurama - but way before - he gets out and things have went awry and he is in the distant future. His cat has evolved into a humanoid like fashionista and only a hologram and ships wise computer keep him company.

UK and USA flag in Red Dwarf

You can see the UK flag and USA flag on behind the 'hologram' man with the white T-shirt. In this show Hologram people have marks on their head denoting so.

Flag of Wales in Red Dwarf
Pilot Episode - 1988

During the first episode when Red Dwarf was fully staffed with people a funeral took place for a crew member from Wales, apparently.

Red Dwarf is a charming and wittily sci-fi sit-com hybrid. It is kinda' like What's Happening meets Star Trek Voyager & Futurama with a tiny dash of Benny Hill?

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Flag of New Mexico in Fanboys 2009

New Mexico Flag in Fanboys 2009

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baker Island Flag 2.0 - a reboot

Baker Island Flag - rebooted

After careful consideration and professional feedback from the 2012 Spring CBFA Meeting, thanks to Voron Xarya, a redesign is in order. No more skinny English Flag, rather five stripes. The five stripes by the lower hoist symbolize the five parts of the USA that are closest to the Australian Continent: American Samoa, Baker Island, Howland Island, Guam, and Rota of the Northern Mariana Islands.Believe it or not those five 'territories' of the USA are arguably geographically a part of Australia. America even has a small native marsupial population just like Australia - "Opossums!"
The five stripes by the upper fly represent the five US states with a pacific coast line.
But the central crab is still "universal-substitutive" - meaning it can be anything that remotely looks like a hermit crab.

photo crab credit
Pagurus bernhardus - Stavern, Norway. On board the boat, it left it's house.
Norsk (bokmål)‬: Eremittkreps - Pagurus bernhardus. Den ble med ei sjøkrepsteine opp fra dypet ved Stavern, og krøp ut av huset.15 May 2011 Arnstein Rønning

US Flag in the Muppet Movie 1979

Fozzie Kermit Camila and Gonzo
Notice the little US flag behind Fozzie's Head

US flag waving in the background with
Gonzo, Camila and Richard Pryor

Miss Piggy with US Flags
the winner of Bogen County Beauty Pageant

Fozzie the Bear with US flag in background

Bob Hope with Fozzie the Bear
Notice US flag themed decorations - stars and stripes

Kermit the Frog and the Confederate Flag from The Muppet Movie 1979

Kermit the Frog - The Muppet Movie 1979
Notice Confederate Flag in the background

In the Original Muppet Movie from 1979, the Confederate Flag makes an appearance when Kermit visits the Bogen County Fair. The County Fair scene is full of cameos that include Bob Hope and Richard Pryor.

Note that the American flags appear in a similar fashion with Fozzie and Gonzo. However the Confederate flag is reserved as a background for Kermit only.

Jim Henson was originally born in Mississippi. Apparently Henson's childhood would have included playtime around the swamps, which no doubt played a role in the genesis of Kermit the Frog. If you take a close look at Jim Henson, with his long beard - he is has an iconic confederate general stature. However, when Henson became a mainstream icon he was careful to hide his Mississippi Accent.

Kermit standing proudly for Southern Pride?

Perhaps America is ready for a Muppet Civil War Movie? Muppet humor mixed with history, song, love, and dance? The Sesame Street Gang can play on the northern side. Since those Muppets are from NYC. Imagine Bert, Ernie, the Cookie Monster, and the Count in union blue. But Oscar the Grouch must be anti-Lincoln and pro-states rights.

The Muppet Gang fights for the south or at least play as southerners. Kermit and Fozzie will don the grey uniform. The cranky smart mouth old farts - Waldorf and Statler are picture perfect plantation owners - owning Ralph the Dog. But Sam the Eagle plays as Sam Houston who refuses to fight the north due to his patriotism for America. Basically Sam the Eagle counters Oscar the Grouch.

It'd be educational, fun, and quite neato. Of course regular people should play Lincoln, Davis, and other important Generals and soldiers.

The "Kermit Confederate Flag"

The Rainbow Connection includes everyone!

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Quack Flags of Dr. Terminus from Pete's Dragon 1977

Notice flags behind the Doctor
"You need to buy this load of bull"

Here are several 'signal' land quack flags from the film Pete's Dragon 1977. The flags belong to the charming and charismatic Dr. Terminus. Dr. Terminus is the witty antagonist who gladly exploits the ignorant.

There is a sucker born every minute and it is the duty of the honorable businessman to take that suckers dollar before it falls into someone other evil hand.

Dr. Terminus with assistant Buttons

More flags of the wind powered land car

Perhaps these flags can be christened as specific career based schiesters?

Get Rich Quick Con Artist Flag

Buy this book or video and you'll make 10,000 dollars a month - or your money back, guaranteed.

Friendship-Lover Con Artist Flag

Be my best friend and I'll use you to the max, never meet you half way, do stuff that only I want, and keep other friends I know away from you.

Business Con Artist Flag

Preys on other business or consumers. That man "made-off" on the greedy instincts of other intelligent people with such sly and charm, that he deserves a medal and should keep all of his money.

Medical Con Artist Flag

You need to buy this drug to be happy because you are a 40 old woman, if you don't you may get cancer.

Entertainment Agent Con Artist Flag

We need 400.00 to start up your (acting-book-music) career. You'll be on screen and famous in no time.

Communication Con Artist Flag - Phone, Email, or Text

"You've just won a $1,000.00 shopping gift certificate! Call back in 48 hrs to claim your prize, all we need is your Social Security Number."

The Entertainment Con Artist Flag

Crappy games, movies, and trailers that mislead. "Come see action packed thriller," but in reality its a flim flam incoherent drama. LJN videogames in the 1980s - mostly.

Sleazy Salesman Con Artist Flag

Maybe a car, bicycle, used television? You get ripped off and they run away.

Political Con Artist Flag

Vote for me I'll make all your wishes come true! The other guy is stupid and if you don't you will loose your job.

The Academic Con Artist Flag

False data, stealing other ideas, back stabbing, and lots of lying.

The Faith Based Con Artist Flag

Give me money and do what I say or you will burn in hell.

These flags add meaning and depth to the term "you've been flagged." Now we can flag back on scammers and other, nearly criminal minds.