Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yukon-Alaska Heritage Flag

Yukon-Alaska Heritage Flag
"The Yuklasksa Flag"

This flag represents that slice of Alaska that was in dispute between Canada and the USA. Spefically the region Alaska claimed by Canada above the 60th parallel - which could have become Yukon's Pacific Coast line.

Although the US has purchased Alaska and boundary rights in 1867 from Russia the south-eastern panhandle that ocean-blocks Yukon to the Pacific. This land was dispute went on for the next 36 years until 1903.

Amazingly the arbiter was the United Kingdom and swung in favor of the prodigal son America over the ever loyal son of Canada. The augmented vertical tri-bar is a Port-Middle Pale - divided in middle with the fly half further cut in the middle. The colours green, blue, and white come from the Yukon Flag.

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