Sunday, April 29, 2012

Washington DC-Virginia Heritage Flag

Washington DC-Virginia Heritage Flag
"The Virgilumbia Flag"

This flag represents the common heritage between Virginia and the District of Columbia. This flag is to be flown over the region of Virginia that was once a part of the 'Federal City.' For 47 years a small part of modern Virginia was Washington, DC.

The colours of this flag are based upon the colours of the clothing found on Virgina's Flag - sky blue and purple. The woman dressed in sky blue with an exposed breast. She is Virtus dressed like an Amazon and standing on a tyrant dressed in purple.

Virginia Flag

The new federal capital was selected and surveyed under the Washington administration with particular interest from the president. However in 1847 Virginia became a proverbial 'Indian Giver' and took the land back that was donated.

Columbia District Flag

The perfect diamond chosen by George Washington was shattered under political ambition for pride and profit. It would also foreshadow cultural shattering of the Union during the Civil War.

Virginia is the only state to have had two 'National Capitals' arise and disappear on its soil - the USA from 1800-1847 and CSA from 1861-1865.

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  1. There's an interesting Wiki blub about the constitutionality of the Virginia retrocession:

    I've never seen this flag before; it would be interesting to see in Alexandria and Arlington. I think blue stars and strips on a white field might work better, but I would fly this flag over my house.