Monday, April 9, 2012

Republic of Cascadia and the Kingdom of Araucania & Patagonia - Fraternal Twins

Flag of Cascadia

In the imaginary space of 'Great Pumpkin' almost nations we have Cascadia and the Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia. Their flags are very similar and their history lies in the puff-n-stuff pipe dream category of nationhood.

Both banners feature the same pattern of a horizontal tri-bar of blue, white, and green. They differ in shades of blue and green. But the most striking contrast is the pine tree on Cascadia - a Douglas Fir.

Neither attempt to break free was a hardened serious contender for nationhood. But both forlorn nations have lingering footnotes that play unto the present moment. Believe it or not there is a small and vocal group that advocates for the creation of Cascadia, likewise a living heir to the Kingdom of Araucania & Patagonia is still ongoing. The royal line started in the 1860. Like the Anglo American Confederacy, the Kingdom of A&P went out of business.

Flag of Araucania & Patagonia

The Kingdom of A&P tried to get off the ground in 1860. The indigenous Mapuche of Argentina elected a 'white' king, Orelie-Antoine I, to be their king and leader due the the fact that Western Governments treated them like children or non-entities. The capital was in what is now Perquenco, Chile. Chile nor Argentine were happy with this 'illegal-indigenous' kingdom and both official countries smothered it with a military march.

Casacadia has a decidedly different course of history. Advocates for this nation hope that someday Washington State, Oregon, and British Columbia will break away from Canada and the USA to make a third hybrid nation. Imagine a nation with the best of Canada and USA? It may seem absurd but these three sub-federal districts have a common history as bi-national USA-Canadian territory. From 1818 unto 1846 all of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia were both legally American and 'Canadian' soil. You could've call 'em Yanuks or Cnanckies.

The great coincidence is both forlorn states were to be made up of two countries. In North America Casacadia would have been born out of Canada and United States, while in South America the Kingdom of Patagonia & Araucania was to be stitched from Argentina and Chile.

Cascadia and the Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia may seem like silly footnotes, but they offer insight of political ambition.

Link to active an active Cascadian Movement the CIP


  1. Always fun to read the very different contexts that Cascadia is written about.

    While researching more about Patagonia, I highly recommend doing so over a Secession Cascadia Dark Ale =).

    Free Cascadia! and um er Free Patagonia!

  2. I wonder if Cascadia has a national dress, sport, pastime, food, song, founding fathers and mothers...etc? Obviously there is a national drink!