Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Little Pony Flags from the Original Movie, 1986 - Dreamcastle and others

Notice Simple White Pennants

During the 1980s the childhood for boys was enriched with sentient robots from outer space - the Autobots and Decepticons.

But on the other side of the fence, we have the magical kingdom of My Little Pony - talking horses, sentient rainbows, snuggly fuzz puff nards, magic unicorns and all sorts on sweet smelling strawberry farts.

Transformers went from TV to Hollywood but My Little Pony went from Hollywood to TV. But both were originally toys made by Hasboro.


Each 'Little Pony' had an individualized mark on the rear hind legs that referred to their name. Here the three vanilla ice cream cones are a play of the name of Lickety-Split. Perhaps this laid the unconcious foundation and popularity of tatoos in the 1990s?

This movie is cutie-pie 80s puff-n-stuff dream little girl childhood playtime come to life. A heartwarming marsh mellow snuggle puff production that is more than a commercial, topped with a true heart spring sprite 80s sprinkles.

Be warned it is for the young at heart and mature grownup. If you're neither young nor a mature grownup - then you probably won't enjoy this lost gem from the 80s. If you didn't or don't like this movie then chances are your heart is covered in smooze and you need a visit from a flutter pony.

Home of Megan, Danny and Molly

The little ponies meet their human friends - Megan, Danny and Molly, who live on a farm. Coincidentally their farmhouse has flags.

The flag has a heart shaped icon on purple field with a pink frame.

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