Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Maryland Heritage State Flags for - Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia and Washington DC

Maryland-Pennsylvania Heritage Flag
"The Marylavania Flag"

Maryland is the state that was downsized by all of her neighbors - Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, West Virgina, and Washington DC. In honor of those forlorn areas that shoulda've been a part of Maryland - these are flags that can be flown in that area.

The PA "Marylavania" flag uses same the state colours of PA with the flag of Maryland.

Maryland Delaware Heritage Flag
"The Marylaware Flag"

Colonial Sky Blue with Khaki Buff from the flags of Delaware are used with red and green that come from the clothing of the men on the flag of Delaware.

Maryland-West Virginia Heritage Flag
"The Marylestirginia Flag"

Red, white and blue plus yellow are the colours for the region of West Virginia that is perhaps a part of Maryland in another quantum reality?

Maryland-Virginia Heritage Flag
"The Maryginia Flag"

Small slices of Virginia were supposed to be a part of Maryland. Who would of thought it made much difference either way? Who knows - a school district here and chance meeting there. The sky blue and purple colours come from the clothing of the man and woman on Virginia's flag.

Maryland-Washington D.C. Heritage Flag
"the Marylumbia flag"

I guess this can be flown by persons born in Maryland and have moved into the Washington District of Columbia.


  1. Replies
    1. No, but feel free to use my designs or rather modifications. Most flag companies will charge you anywhere form 80 to 100 for a normal sized flag. Thanks to your question, you've pushed me to declare them for use in the public domain - with no strings attached.

      I created these flags so people could get involved in history. Most Marylanders I know love their flag, rightfully so, and I'm sure they'll get a kick out of these designs and their historical meanings.