Friday, April 20, 2012

KONY 2012 Flag

Kony 2012 Flag

The flag of the moment. It represents not an election but an awaking. conciousness The of the power to the people upon the internet - and awaken the world to the tragic and hostile political situation in Africa.

Joseph Kony was originally born in Uganda and is in charge of the Lord's Resistance Army in the central African region. Because the atrocities associated with this man - Kony is one of the world's most wanted criminals.

The Kony 2012
Yin-Feminine Symbol

The flag features an orange background with the date 2012 and Joseph Kony's last name. In between the name and date is an upside down pyramid with line that divides the letters from the numbers.

This upside down pyramid flashes for a millisecond in the intro which also invludes pics from the rings of Saturn.

The video that took the internet by storm in March 2012
by the Invisible Children

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