Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flags from the movie Prancer - 1989

US Flag in the movie Prancer 1989
Prancer has fallen

Merry Christmas! It's the 25th after all and the Christmas Spirit has gotta' be somewhere?

The US flag makes a short appearance in the charmingly realistic film Prancer 1989. A plastic Prancer falls from a holiday display, and the town is too strapped and stressed to fix it. A little girl is witness to the event and later runs into a lost and injured reindeer.

She connects the dots in a non-linear and innocent way - that the fallen plastic prancer was a message - heralding the lost reindeer.

The movie strikes a realistic bitter-sweet chord as the Jessica Riggs' family slugs though hard emotional and economic times, since they might loose the farm and be broken a part. The playful world of childhood is beautifully portrayed against the backdrop and contrast of the serious busy bee money money rush rush adult point of view.

Little Miss Jessica Riggs lost her mother, but finds comfort in helping an injured animal and a poem that reveals the invisible unseen and unmeasurable spark of the divine within the Spirit of Christmas, Santa, and the heart of childhood.

The Spirit of Christmas Shines On...

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