Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dr. Seuss Flags - Oh the Places You'll Go!

Dr. Seuss Pink Guidon
Oh the Places You'll Go - 1990

Take a look! Oh the Places You'll Go,
it's a fantastic book - didn't you know?

Written by the lauded Dr. Seuss,
who is the American Father Goose.

All his life he drew, typed and wrote,
but this was his last grand final note.

The witty Father Goose,
I mean Dr. Moose,
No - rather the incredible unforgettable and strange Dr. Seuss.

With a simple manner,
he would write and hammer.

Blue Dr. Seuss Flag
of the Mountain being moved

Easy short stories that children could read,
so little people could sometimes take the lead.

In simple verse and children's rhyme,
he showed the world the plasticity of time.

Of neato vexillological consequence,
are the flags of the triumphant elephant sequence.

A pink flag is carried by the elephant herd,
marching to the beat and call of the eccentric, be and do - word!

It has a shape like a swallowtail,
it's a - guidon used on land or sail.
The Dr. Seuss Finial
The really neato part is the silly pole,
like the ones found on any golf hole.

It's striped black and yellow,
rumor has it that it's made of jell-o.

And guess what?
It resembles end of a bumble bee's butt!

PS - Dr. Seuss for Adults

Oh the Places You'll Go performed by
Happy Pappies on Funk Juice - notice the cool flags

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