Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chesapeake Bay Flag Association Meeting - Spring 2012

Chesapeake Bay Flag Association meeting held its first meeting for 2012 in Columbia, Maryland.

CBFA Meeting
Spring 2012

The meeting followed the usual vexi-bit like presentations then lunch, what vexillologists are doing, up coming events, and an auction of vexillological treasures. The CBFA meeting was certainly the forum of freebies. Rick Wyatt of CRW flags kindly provided the group with free flags in randomized order so everyone was a winner where the lowest number got first choice on a flag.

Speakers included Dale Grimes who spoke about US Navy Flags, Chris Bedwell who showed us a collection of flags, Peter Ansoff, Nick Artimovich, and Dan. CBFA welcomed Voron Xarya who presented his simple yet intricate flag designs.

Proposed Flag for King George's County
by Voron Xarya

Voron presented a four coloured flag for King George's County. The colours match with the state flag of Maryland - red, yellow, white and black. Its unique design is a mix of the four quarters with a black dexter pile rooted at the hoist. The quartered portion captures the essence of the Maryland State flag - but with stars and solid colours. There are a total of five stars - two black, two red, and black and red checkered at the cross point.

I presented to my designs for Howland, Baker, Jarvis, and Kingman Reef. The official flag of these islands is the US national ensign but none of these islands have flags of their own. If you research these islands only fictional, alternate reality flags can be found. Furthermore these flags represent a group of islands and none are specific for a particular island. I also presented proposed flags for Australian and New Zealand islands that did not yet have the like.

Our delicious lunch consisted of white chili, Texas chili, sandwiches, salad, fruit, and the regular fan fare of crackers, chips and other yummies. Interested in flags - please join us!

Flag sheet for un-flagged islands under Aussie and Kiwi control

Interested in Buying flags - look here at CRW flags


  1. I'm intrigued. I'm familiar with King George's County in Virginia, but what is the connection with Maryland? Thanks!

    1. That is a typo - it should be Prince George's County in in Maryland!

    2. That is a typo - it should be Prince George's County in in Maryland!

  2. Looking for a larger image of Kermadec flag. I need at least png or svg. Hellllllp!