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Missouri Territory Heritage Flags for Missouri Territory Alumni States

Missouri Flag

Several states once had part or all of their land run under the administration of the territorial government of Missouri. In honor of that period when the great plains were ruled by Missouri - here are Missouri Territory Heritage flags created in that honor. The key is that all flags are horizontal tri-bars, just like Missouri and often feature their state seal.

Missouri-Wyoming Heritage Flag
"Missouroming Flag"

Missouri-South Dakota Flag
"The Missouthakota Flag"

Missouri-Texas Flag
"The Missourexas Flag"

Missouri-Oklahoma Heritage Flag
"The Missourklahoma Flag"

Missouri-Nebraska Heritage Flag
"The Missorbraska Flag"

Missouri-North Dakota Flag
"The Missorthdakota Flag"

Missouri-Minnesota Heritage Flag
"The Missourisota Flag"

Missouri-Kansas Heritage Flag
"The Missoukansas Flag"

Missouri-Iowa Heritage Flag
"The Missourowa Flag"

Missouri-Colorado Heritage Flag
"The Missoulardo Flag"

Missouri-Arkansas Heritage Flag
"The Arkanassouri Flag"

For all the Americans who were born, married and died in Missouri Territory 1812-1821.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Washington DC-Virginia Heritage Flag

Washington DC-Virginia Heritage Flag
"The Virgilumbia Flag"

This flag represents the common heritage between Virginia and the District of Columbia. This flag is to be flown over the region of Virginia that was once a part of the 'Federal City.' For 47 years a small part of modern Virginia was Washington, DC.

The colours of this flag are based upon the colours of the clothing found on Virgina's Flag - sky blue and purple. The woman dressed in sky blue with an exposed breast. She is Virtus dressed like an Amazon and standing on a tyrant dressed in purple.

Virginia Flag

The new federal capital was selected and surveyed under the Washington administration with particular interest from the president. However in 1847 Virginia became a proverbial 'Indian Giver' and took the land back that was donated.

Columbia District Flag

The perfect diamond chosen by George Washington was shattered under political ambition for pride and profit. It would also foreshadow cultural shattering of the Union during the Civil War.

Virginia is the only state to have had two 'National Capitals' arise and disappear on its soil - the USA from 1800-1847 and CSA from 1861-1865.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Johnston Island Flag

Flag of Johnston Island

It is a horizontal tri-bar - from the top its blue, white in the middle, then blue along the bottom. In the central white part are four blue stars that represent the islands Akau, Hikina, Sand, and Johnston Island. The yellow portion has the outline of 'double' bird with its beak next to the top stars facing the hoist. Accidentally the yellow portion can be perceived as a two bamboo shoots bending in the wind facing towards the fly.

Johnston Island was formerly a semi-top secret hi-tech space age weapons testing facility with the capacity to destroy a continent. But now its been 'cleaned up' and turned into a peaceful national wild life refuge - returning to its natural state as a bird turd island.

Johnston Atoll is on par on the latitude of with Guadeloupe in the Caribbean and Da Nang, making Johnston Atoll just south of the old Vietnamese DMZ. With respect to the American Hemisphere it is parallel to Roatan Island, Honduras which is due south of Nashville, Tennessee.

A great sight about Johnston Island

Unofficial territorial would be "State Anthem"
a fitting unofficial anthem for an unofficial flag - as of 2012


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Flags from the movie Prancer - 1989

US Flag in the movie Prancer 1989
Prancer has fallen

Merry Christmas! It's the 25th after all and the Christmas Spirit has gotta' be somewhere?

The US flag makes a short appearance in the charmingly realistic film Prancer 1989. A plastic Prancer falls from a holiday display, and the town is too strapped and stressed to fix it. A little girl is witness to the event and later runs into a lost and injured reindeer.

She connects the dots in a non-linear and innocent way - that the fallen plastic prancer was a message - heralding the lost reindeer.

The movie strikes a realistic bitter-sweet chord as the Jessica Riggs' family slugs though hard emotional and economic times, since they might loose the farm and be broken a part. The playful world of childhood is beautifully portrayed against the backdrop and contrast of the serious busy bee money money rush rush adult point of view.

Little Miss Jessica Riggs lost her mother, but finds comfort in helping an injured animal and a poem that reveals the invisible unseen and unmeasurable spark of the divine within the Spirit of Christmas, Santa, and the heart of childhood.

The Spirit of Christmas Shines On...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dungeons & Dragons - animated 80s cartoon

Dungeons & Dragons Ride Entrance

In the early 80s a cartoon loosely based upon Dungeon & Dragons was made. The cartoon series was based upon a ground breaking role playing board-reading-dice game that combined acting, storytelling, and imagination first published in 1974. Like the game Monopoly - the Dungeons & Dragons format was copied and adapted and made into hundreds of different role playing games.

Car Emblem for D&D Ride
white castle turret on red

The adventure begins when six kids from the normal world who are transported to magical earth like universe. Though cooperation, various riddles, puzzles they make their way.
When the kids enter the magical earth like Dungeons and Dragons universe they are assigned a role - Hank becomes a ranger, Diana an acrobat, Albert a magician, Shela a thief, Bobby a barbarian, and Eric a cavalier. Their guide is a short person - Dungeon Master. Finally a unicorn joins their their team with a special fondness for Bobby - Uni the unicorn.

Eric the Cavalier
Notice Arms on his shield

The arms of Eric the Cavalier are an orange shield with black disc with the head of white eagle or Phoenix facing sinister. Eric the Cavalier was originally a rich snooty kid who provides comic relief to the group. But he is also the most human with a realistic outspoken desire to go home and often times finds himself complaining - like most regular kids. However hidden under all the showy wannbe' leader he often protects his friends from harm with his magic shield.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan - Fraternal Twins of North Western Asia

Flag of Azerbaijan

Located in the heartland of Central Asia - they are similar yet very different nations. Both nations use the similar colours of green, Turkish Blue, green, red and white. The Azeri and Uzbeki people are both Turkish peoples with different tilts. Azerbaijani are Turks at Europe's twilight while Uzbekistani are Turks at the edge of China's afterglow. During the Cold War they were drafted into the Soviet Union. And 700 years earlier they were annexed into the Mongol Empire. Islam of the domestic Sunni temperament. Nothing like Russia, China, India or Arabia they are the cultural monkeys in the middle.

Flag of Uzbekistan

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Jersey and New York Port Authority Flag

Port Authority Flag of New Jersey & New York

The state flags of NJ and NY are 'fraternal twins' in my flag symmetry idea.

Further evidence is that they have a fusion flag for the Port Authority that operates between these two states. These are the only US state flags that only feature women.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Little Pony Flags from the Original Movie, 1986 - Dreamcastle and others

Notice Simple White Pennants

During the 1980s the childhood for boys was enriched with sentient robots from outer space - the Autobots and Decepticons.

But on the other side of the fence, we have the magical kingdom of My Little Pony - talking horses, sentient rainbows, snuggly fuzz puff nards, magic unicorns and all sorts on sweet smelling strawberry farts.

Transformers went from TV to Hollywood but My Little Pony went from Hollywood to TV. But both were originally toys made by Hasboro.


Each 'Little Pony' had an individualized mark on the rear hind legs that referred to their name. Here the three vanilla ice cream cones are a play of the name of Lickety-Split. Perhaps this laid the unconcious foundation and popularity of tatoos in the 1990s?

This movie is cutie-pie 80s puff-n-stuff dream little girl childhood playtime come to life. A heartwarming marsh mellow snuggle puff production that is more than a commercial, topped with a true heart spring sprite 80s sprinkles.

Be warned it is for the young at heart and mature grownup. If you're neither young nor a mature grownup - then you probably won't enjoy this lost gem from the 80s. If you didn't or don't like this movie then chances are your heart is covered in smooze and you need a visit from a flutter pony.

Home of Megan, Danny and Molly

The little ponies meet their human friends - Megan, Danny and Molly, who live on a farm. Coincidentally their farmhouse has flags.

The flag has a heart shaped icon on purple field with a pink frame.

Friday, April 20, 2012

KONY 2012 Flag

Kony 2012 Flag

The flag of the moment. It represents not an election but an awaking. conciousness The of the power to the people upon the internet - and awaken the world to the tragic and hostile political situation in Africa.

Joseph Kony was originally born in Uganda and is in charge of the Lord's Resistance Army in the central African region. Because the atrocities associated with this man - Kony is one of the world's most wanted criminals.

The Kony 2012
Yin-Feminine Symbol

The flag features an orange background with the date 2012 and Joseph Kony's last name. In between the name and date is an upside down pyramid with line that divides the letters from the numbers.

This upside down pyramid flashes for a millisecond in the intro which also invludes pics from the rings of Saturn.

The video that took the internet by storm in March 2012
by the Invisible Children

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yukon-Alaska Heritage Flag

Yukon-Alaska Heritage Flag
"The Yuklasksa Flag"

This flag represents that slice of Alaska that was in dispute between Canada and the USA. Spefically the region Alaska claimed by Canada above the 60th parallel - which could have become Yukon's Pacific Coast line.

Although the US has purchased Alaska and boundary rights in 1867 from Russia the south-eastern panhandle that ocean-blocks Yukon to the Pacific. This land was dispute went on for the next 36 years until 1903.

Amazingly the arbiter was the United Kingdom and swung in favor of the prodigal son America over the ever loyal son of Canada. The augmented vertical tri-bar is a Port-Middle Pale - divided in middle with the fly half further cut in the middle. The colours green, blue, and white come from the Yukon Flag.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Maryland Heritage State Flags for - Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia and Washington DC

Maryland-Pennsylvania Heritage Flag
"The Marylavania Flag"

Maryland is the state that was downsized by all of her neighbors - Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, West Virgina, and Washington DC. In honor of those forlorn areas that shoulda've been a part of Maryland - these are flags that can be flown in that area.

The PA "Marylavania" flag uses same the state colours of PA with the flag of Maryland.

Maryland Delaware Heritage Flag
"The Marylaware Flag"

Colonial Sky Blue with Khaki Buff from the flags of Delaware are used with red and green that come from the clothing of the men on the flag of Delaware.

Maryland-West Virginia Heritage Flag
"The Marylestirginia Flag"

Red, white and blue plus yellow are the colours for the region of West Virginia that is perhaps a part of Maryland in another quantum reality?

Maryland-Virginia Heritage Flag
"The Maryginia Flag"

Small slices of Virginia were supposed to be a part of Maryland. Who would of thought it made much difference either way? Who knows - a school district here and chance meeting there. The sky blue and purple colours come from the clothing of the man and woman on Virginia's flag.

Maryland-Washington D.C. Heritage Flag
"the Marylumbia flag"

I guess this can be flown by persons born in Maryland and have moved into the Washington District of Columbia.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Mexico-Nevada Heritage Flag

New Mexico-Nevada Heritage Flag
"The New Mexivada Flag"

This flag is to be flown in that southern region of Nevada that coulda've been a part of New Mexico. Perhaps it is in an alternate universe?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Russian Flags from Titanic film from 1997 by James Cameroon

Russian Flag from
Titanic 1997

MIR patch

James and the Giant Peach Pirate Flag - 1996

Pirate Flag from
James and the Giant Peach 1996

Upon the forehead is a cross shining with four sparks.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dr. Seuss Flags - Oh the Places You'll Go!

Dr. Seuss Pink Guidon
Oh the Places You'll Go - 1990

Take a look! Oh the Places You'll Go,
it's a fantastic book - didn't you know?

Written by the lauded Dr. Seuss,
who is the American Father Goose.

All his life he drew, typed and wrote,
but this was his last grand final note.

The witty Father Goose,
I mean Dr. Moose,
No - rather the incredible unforgettable and strange Dr. Seuss.

With a simple manner,
he would write and hammer.

Blue Dr. Seuss Flag
of the Mountain being moved

Easy short stories that children could read,
so little people could sometimes take the lead.

In simple verse and children's rhyme,
he showed the world the plasticity of time.

Of neato vexillological consequence,
are the flags of the triumphant elephant sequence.

A pink flag is carried by the elephant herd,
marching to the beat and call of the eccentric, be and do - word!

It has a shape like a swallowtail,
it's a - guidon used on land or sail.
The Dr. Seuss Finial
The really neato part is the silly pole,
like the ones found on any golf hole.

It's striped black and yellow,
rumor has it that it's made of jell-o.

And guess what?
It resembles end of a bumble bee's butt!

PS - Dr. Seuss for Adults

Oh the Places You'll Go performed by
Happy Pappies on Funk Juice - notice the cool flags

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Muskogee and the Confederacy - forlorn banners of the South

South Carolina
Sovereignty & Secession Flag 1860

These flags arose on American soil shortly after the birth of the United States of America. First the Muskogee Republic arose in 1799. Its capital was located near Tallahasee, Florida with the name Miccosukee. But in 1818 with the US Army under General Andrew Jackson's command with friendly Indian help obliterated it off the map during the first Seminole War.

The leader of this forlorn nation with an indigenous bent was the charming and dashing William Augustus Bowles. Director General Bowles was certainly a colourful character. Bowles was born in Maryland in 1763 and chose to fight on the Loyalist-Union side during the 1776 Colonial Rebellion. Although the narrative of us-Americans versus them-British mentality is the dominant line, Bowles and many other native born European bred colonials and the like - offer up a different point of view. Rather the 1776 Anglo-Colonial American Revolution can be framed as a civil war.*

Long before Jefferson Davis
the original Southern Rebel:
William Augustus Bowles of Maryland

But the State of Muskogee was never a British Colony. Much of the Muskogee Republic was composed of Southern Native Americans and Seminoles. The last echos of this nation were terminated under President Andrew Jackson with the forced removal to Oklahoma - more famously known as the Trail of Tears.

The Sovereignty Flag of South Carolina was flown in the early days of the secession under president Buchanan. The design clearly embodies the essence of the now famous 'Confederate Flag.' But one difference is the number of stars. Official flags of the Confederacy had 7, 11, and 13 stars. The SC sovereignty flag had 15 stars in honor of the 15 Slave-holding states.

The uncanny coincidence is both national movements were crushed by the US Government. Ironically a South Carolina president and vice president oversaw the final removal of Natives who made up the forlorn Muskogee Republic in 1832. Less than 30 years later South Carolina would fly a similar flag for another forlorn nation - whose existence were at odds with the United States.

Flag of the Muskogee Republic

Both flags feature similar colours and patterns. The shared colours are red, white, and blue. The matching pattern is the blue cross that divides the field into four sections. Coincidentally their cantons reflect the natural duality of day and night. The older flag of the Muskogee Republic has a sun while the younger South Carolina secession flag honors the moon. Furthermore the stars of South Carolina are reflective of night.

The comparison of these flags under the umbrella of flag symmetry brings into focus the emotional charge often felt by both the Native American and Confederacy that lingers unto this day. The synchronous conjunction illustrates a karmic reflex of a wielding sort of cosmic justice.

The bitterness that many Native Americans feel from the US government in their coerced and unjust relocation to Oklahoma balances the lingering resentment felt by some Southerners. No Northerner can truly feel the bitterness of General Sherman's March to Atlanta nor can any Old World American feel the biting bitterness of President Jackson's Orders to march west under penalty of death.

The extreme prejudice of unjust law imposed by the US government coincidentally - under a South Carolina president would return back upon America when ironically South Carolina led another rebellion to defend their rights against the federal government.

These flags were featured in my presentation in 2009
at NAVA's 43rd congress, held at the original Citadel in South Carolina

Note most US history books often overlook that there were more than 13 colonies in British North America. 13 colonies may have signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 but more than 13 British American Colonies remained loyal to the Union and Crown: Barbados Colony, Newfoundland, Jamaica, Leeward Islands Colonies, Colony of Bahamas, Colony of Bermuda, Nova Scotia, Island of St. John, Rupert's Land, Grenada Island, Quebec, West Florida and East Florida.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Arkansas Territory Heritage Flags - Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico

Arkansas-Texas Heritage Flag
"The Texarkansas Flag"

Three states had soil that once belonged to Arkansas Territory. In a way portion of Texas, New Mexico and most of Oklahoma were born out of Arkansas Territory. Thus these flags are to be flown over those areas.

Arkansas-Oklahoma Heritage Flag
"The Arklahoma Flag"

The over all flag design belongs to Arkansas but the colours come from the flag of Oklahoma. The 'cross' at the honor point is actually a Native American version of a star - taken from the Oklahoma Flag.

For five years from 1819 unto 1824 the 'pan' of Oklahoma, not the handle, was under law and rule of Arkansas Territory. Thus Arkansas before statehood had a border with Mexico.

Arkansas-New Mexico Heritage Flag
"The Arkanumex Flag"

The colours come from the New Mexico Flag. At the honor point is the sun of the pueblo. You can also think of it as a Native American star - our closest star scientifically speaking. At this time Arkansas was spelled as Arkansaw. It was not until sometime in 1822 that Arkansas settled for the letter 's' as its last letter rather than 'w.'

Arkansas Territory existed from 1819 unto 1836 and had two capitals Arkansas Post and Little Rock. Only the 'pan' of Oklahoma was ruled by Arkansas Territory for a short whiles.

Flags for Team Protostome and Team Deuterostomes: Bungholians vs Mouthenese

The flag for Protostome organisms uses the colours blue, black, and yellow.  Since these buggers have their mouths form first, the Pacman is an appropriate icon.

The flag for Deuterostome organisms uses the colours red, purple, pink, orange, indigo, green, black and white.  In the center is what looks like a Pacman Ghost.  Critters of this nature have their bottom holes form first, and mouths come later.  The Pacman ghosts fit the bill perfectly since their mouths appear later.