Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good Morning Vietnam 1987

Official Title of Good Morning Vietnam 1987

Starring Robin Williams, an epic and hilarious film about Vietnam. A ground breaking war film that ran the gambit of sorrow, joy, humor and love. Produced under Touchstone Pictures, it was a total polf, the opposite of an expected flop that became a super smash hit.

In the title credit is a unique logo created for the film. It featured an old time bar shaped microphone tilted to the left with air force wings of three stripes.

Robin Williams with Air Force hat
and Forrest Whitaker with Vietnam Sword Badge

In this shot the Airman Adriane Cronauer the military disc jockey that dared to play modern music is played by Robin Williams. To his right is first class private Edward Montesquieu Garlic played by Forrest Whitaker. On private Garlic's left arm is a military badge - it is a shield with a white sword facing upwards and composed of the colours red, yellow, and white.

US Navy Gunboat with US Flag

The US flag makes several appearances in the movie. Here it is proudly flown on the US river gunboat.

Official Trailer 1987


  1. you have any idea who created that microphone/air force logo? Or where can I get a bigger version?

    1. I was able to get the image from the original movie. I would assume its copyrighted. But since I'm a recognized vexillologist, my work falls under fair use. If you want a bigger version feel free to edit my pic. If you have a handle on photo shop it should be no problem.