Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Frogger Check Point Flag, and a proposal for a new holiday - Leap Day! Frogs and Rainbows oh my!

Check Point Flag from the Frogger Universe

It's leap day 2012! Coincidentally it is in sync with the Summer Olympics and US presidential elections. It's kinda' odd that Leap Day hasn't become a more fun filled action packed business booming holiday!

Maybe next time in 2016? Let's get started, you have four years to plan people!

You can decorate the restaurants and bars in a swamp frog theme and or celebrate Kermit the Frog or any other famous frogs that leap out into our consciousness from fantasia. Rumor has it Kermit was born on Leap Day - February 29th.

The action packed LEAP DAY festivities would include mandatory dancing and jumping? Think of it as a pre-spring cleaning before the official arrival of spring? Or maybe just a day off to sit in your lily' pad and contemplate the cosmos!?

A new holiday that comes once every four years? Think of the business opportunities! The game of the day would be of course - leap frog! Perhaps a competitive adult leap frog playoff? People can set a new records for longest and fastest leap frog set? Leap Frog teams by age and weight? Public reading of the Frog and Princess? A national day to celebrate our amphibian neighbors who switch hit from water to land?

HAPPY LEAP DAY - Once Every 4 years

The only flag I could find for Leap Day 2012 that is remotely related to Frogs was found in the Frogger video game, which leaped out of the imagination of Japan back in 1981. Since then their have been over 30 video game sequels. The check point flag is taken from Nintendo's Gameboy Color.

Happy Leap Day & "hopping" Leap Day 2016 leaps into your imagination.

Holiday "LEAP DAY" Music would be based on the game Frogger

A day a positive thinking and joy - RAINBOW!

UP and Up and UP!

The Ultimate Leap Day Holiday Song - by Kermit the Frog

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