Friday, February 3, 2012

Flag of Siple Island Antarctica

Flag of Siple Island

The flag of Siple island is based on the design of Ohio State's flag. The pattern is a reflection of the islands namesake - Paul A Siple - who was born in Montpelier, Ohio in 1908. Siple was a part of the American expeditions to Antarctica in the 1930s. Siple also helped coined the term "wind chill" with Charles F. Passel.

The colours of the flag are black, white, orange, yellow and red. The pallet comes from typically colours found on a penguin. Four stars are visible along the upper and middle sections that represent the most southern constellation - Octans the eight pointed star compass. The central red eight pointed star represents sigma Octans which the opposite of it more famous northern cousin as the the "South Star."

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