Friday, February 10, 2012

Flag of King George Island, Antarctica

King George Island Flag

The flag of King George Island is based upon three flags - the flag of St. George, Colonial Era Imperial China and space age China.

The red cross is the primary element of St. George. The red quartered sections with yellow stars are modeled after the flag of modern China. The two quarters with yellow backgrounds have stars - the upper fly has the Southern Star from Octans the Eight Sided Star Compass while the star in the lower fly represents the sun.

King George Island Flag reflects duality of Eastern Taoism. The flag combines elements of the East and West, modern and Imperial China, and finally the Southern Star with our local Star. Like the flag of China it has five stars, but in different positions.

The flag of King George was created in honor of its name sake and the establishment of China into the polar explorer club. China's first base in the Antarctic region was at King George Island - established on February 20, 1985 with the Great Wall Station.

Flags of Modern China, St. George, and Imperial China

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