Saturday, February 11, 2012

Customers Bank and Bank of America

Bank of America Logo
notice US Flag Motif

Using the US flag as a commercial logo is considered by some and the US Flag Code as inappropriate. However two companies that successfully use the US flag in their logo are Bank of America and Customers Bank. Customers Bank does it in totality while Bank of America uses a stylized version of the US flag.

Bank of America and Customers Bank are two banks from different ends of the spectrum. Bank of America is a Mega-Bank with a global reach and an ocean of power, while Customers Bank is a small Micro-Bank with a small and efficient reach and full of puddle power. At the moment they illustrate the difference between a strong big vs a small quick business. No doubt if Customers Bank grows to 250-500 outlets, will it be taken over or absorbed by a Mega Bank as happened with Commerce Bank with TD Bank. When this happens the Customers Bank icon with go the way of the red, white, and blue Commerce Bank logo.

Customers Bank is headquartered in Pennsylvania and led by Jay Sidhu. The current company logo consists of the US flag on a red disc. It is coincidentally a combination of the Japanese and US national symbols. Bank of America traces its origins to the West Coast in California in 1904 of the efforts of Amadeo Giannini.

Customers Bank Logo
A mix of Japanese and US Symbols

Banks are basically legal loan sharks with open rules. Rules that operate under official law. They are supposed to help others by helping themselves. Banks are like bacteria, most are good, but a few go bad and harm the system. Bad banks only help a few, while good banks help many.

Good Bank dolphin, Bad Bank shark.

Link to Bank of America

Link to Customers Bank

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