Monday, January 23, 2012

Sicily and Buthan - Fraternal Twins

Enter the Year of the Dragon...

Flag of Sicily

The flag of Sicily is attached to the flag of Bhutan in that strange and serendipitous way of flag symmetry. United by a similar pattern and pallet of colours - gold and red with a bend. The flag of Sicily is parted with a regular dexter bend while the flag of Bhutan is parted in a sinister bend.

Although they are a world away they sit at the nexus or rift between two realms of reality. Sicily is nestled between Africa and Europe while Bhutan teeters between India and China. Both nations are elements of their neighboring worlds, both with slightly northern tilts. Sicily is closer in a cultural orbit to Europe while Bhutan feels a stronger gravity with China.

Flag of Bhutan

Mystical animals often considered monsters are charged on their center. The mighty and strong dragon sits proudly on Bhutan, while Sicily has the most famous of all Gorgons - Medusa. The dragon is balanced on three balls, while Medusa's head rests on three legs.

They are union of East and West, for their ancient names are one in the same. The ancients called our world 'Middle Earth' with good reason. It was assumed to be in between heaven and hell. Likewise when you literally translate China and Mediterranean in to English it becomes one in the same 'Middle Earth.'

Sicily is an island on the greatest sea of our earth, likewise Bhutan is an island amongst the clouds on the greatest mountain range of our earth.

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  1. Perhaps Sicily could be confronted with the Isle of Man. Because in both coat of arms we have 3 feet in a shape of Triskele, or Triskellion. Both lands are isles, one in the southern part of Europe and the other one in the northern part.
    Triskele is a celtic symbol, but i wonder how it is related with these two examples.