Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pitt Island or Rekohu - the lesser island in the Chatham Archipelago

Flag for Rekohu or Pitt Island - New Zealand

This is a flag for Pitt Island which is a part of the Chatham Islands archipelago. The flag of Pitt Island uses the colours black, white and green. Centered is fern which is a national symbol for New Zealand. The green fern lies on a white dexter bend dividing the black field into two triangular parts.

Pit Island was originally home to the Moriori who were a different race from the more populous Maori.

Like the tragedy of Native American in the United States, the British/New Zealand Government played aboriginal vs aboriginal. The UK arrived with Maori from New Zealand in 1835 to wipe out the Moriori. The result was the Moriori Genocide.

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