Saturday, January 28, 2012

New categories for flags - Aquageotic and Geopolitic Classes

Their are many ways to categorize flags - tri-bar, canton, pan-African, etc. But here are two new classification groups "Aquageotic" and "Geopolitic." First a definition for Aquageotic. These are flags that have maps of islands or partial maps that are determined by water via the coastline or other various watershed. Examples include two popular flags of Antarctica and Sulawesi independence movement. The flag of Cyprus is also - Aquageotic.

Flag of Sulawesi
"Aquageotic type flag"

The island of Sulawesi is shown on a white disc. The shape or icon is based upon the coastline. Sulawesi is a part of Indonesia. This flag has been used by various separatist groups.

Flag of Antarctica Treaty, again the shape of the central icon is based upon the coastline (water-to-earth).

The second group is similar to Aquageotic, in that it also has a map but the borders are not related to any kind of water division. These types of flags are more popular at lower levels of government - usually denoting the shape of a county, township or city.

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  1. Right now the flag of Kosovo fits into the "Geopolitc Class" of flags.