Saturday, January 14, 2012

Delaware and Kentucky - Fraternal Twins

This one is for Mr Biden, Joseph

Your home state of Delaware is fraternally bonded to the state of Kentucky. They are the middle state at the cultural divide between the North and the South. Kentucky has a southern tilt while Delaware has a Northern tilt. Both states were firsts and leaders in their own special way. Delaware that the first state to believe in the American Constitution. While Kentucky was second of the second thirteen. In the middle phase our nation evolution Kentucky was chosen to lead both the North and the South via Lincoln and Davis.

The men of Delaware are dressed in complementary attire. The man on the right is a county gentleman dressed in an exquisite green suit. The man on the left is dressed in the simple plain attire of a country farmer. The flag of Kentucky also shows two men looking face to face in complementary attire. The gentleman on the right is wearing a business suit, while the man on the left is dressed as a rugged frontiersman.

The Blue Blood State of America
Delaware and Kentucky

Blue is a common motif adopted by both states - whether Bluegrass or Blue Hens. Both states are virtual Blue Blooded states like Delawares famous blue blood horseshoe crabs. They are union of the beginning upon the Atlantic Shores unto the heartland towards the mighty Mississippi.

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