Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coral Sea Islands Flag

Coral Sea Islands Flag, Australia

This flag is based on the Australian Flag. Instead of blue it has a hot pink field. Also the stars have been replaced with two types of starfish. But note the starfish are universal-substitutive, so any kind of starfish can be used. The seven pointed stars of the Southern Cross are skinny five armed starfish of various colours - red, yellow, indigo, light green. Also the smaller five pointed star is replaced with a stout purple star fish. Likewise the large Commonwealth Star has been replaced with a light pink sand dollar. The only element that has remained the same is the English Red Cross, since this is the dominant and national language of Australia. Finally rainbow triangles have replaced the cut up Scottish Flag and broken St. Patrick's red cross.

Starting from one o'clock the colours are yellow, orange, maroon, brown, violet, indigo, blue, and green. The bright colours are reflective of a rainbow and the multitude of colours found at coral reefs. Additionally it is based on the liberal peace and love flags of the mainland. It is also a reminder of various transgendered species that inhabit a coral reef, reminding us that in the natural world gender is not always certain.


  1. I like this flag! I am going to try to have it made by a custom shop.

  2. Greetings! My friend from Russia fan vexillology and geographer by training. He recently came across one of encyclopedias on the islands of the flag of the Coral Sea, about which you write here. And how it all came, as in the English-speaking Internet its image occurs only 2-3 times. If you tell him a story or give a link, I will be very grateful.
    Thank you