Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brazil and Zaire - Birds of a Feather

Flag of Brazil

The flag of Brazil is serendiptiously tied to the flag of Zaire. Although Zaire underwent a name change, as well adopting several new flags, Brazil and Zaire are partners outside of the momentary present. Both flags feature a green field with a central disc - Brazil with the lights of heaven and Congo (Zaire) with a light from earth.

Geographically their lands match with a similar nature. Combining these two nations, unites the Mighty Amazon and the Wild Congo. These greatest of great rivers gush from the heart of the continent like a proverbial aorta from Africa and America into the Atlantic Ocean from opposite ends.

Each nation is pierced by the equator, forcing them to witness the maximum power of the sun. But due to their location and rainfall, neither nation is anything like a desert. They are at the center of the earth where the heartbeat of the jungle can roar over modern society.

Flag of Congo (Zaire)

Both are large nations that were the colonial odd ball. Although Brazil is a part of Latin American it is the sole 'offspring' of Portugal rather than Spain. Likewise Zaire was the lonely creation of Belgium while her neighbors were molded by the UK, France, and Portugal.

Mother Nature is able to sing her strongest anthems in their respective forests, and subsequently made life for 'civilized' man difficult. But times are changing and modern man is able to build homes with artificial climates and artificial rain that enables him to raid the bounty of the earth.

In the aftermath of the Cold War, Zaire reverted to its older name as the Democratic Republic of Congo. And changed her flag, a few times. This has given Congo a vexillological rich yet confusing charge. Nonetheless, the Congo's yellow star flag is attached to Somalia, while her 'maiden name' green flag is perpetually attached to Brazil.

Brazil has many roots and one of the deeper invisible roots stem from Africa and into the heart of the Congo River. Just as South America and Africa fit like pieces of the puzzle, in this multi-dimensional matrix of meta-vexillology, Congo's Green Flag is the 'Fraternal Partner' with the flag of Brazil.

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