Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bounty Islands Flag for New Zealand

Flag of the Bounty Islands

Not to be confused with Bounty Island, the Bounty Islands belong to New Zealand and consist of 13 main islets in the South Pacific.

Thus accordingly this flag has 13 stripes. There are three large red stripes, four large blue stripes and six thin white stripes. The white stripes are actually fimbrations around the red stripes. This is done in conjunction with the Red New Zealand stars that have a white fimbriation.

The 13 islands are
(1) Depot Island
(2) Lion Island
(3) Penguin Island
(4) Proclamation Island
(5) Ranfurly Island
(6) Ruatara Island
(7) Spider Island
(8) Tunnel Island
(9) Castle Island
(10) Funnel Island
(11) Prion Island
(12) Molly Cap
(13) North Rock

These islands are also antipodes to Europe, at Boulle-Mernard France. Another coincidence is that these islands were discovered the same year the United States become a legal nation under the Constitution in 1788. Thus the flag of the Bounty Island flag bears some resemblance to their up and over cousins to the north. The US Government is the same age as these thirteen magically shaped isles.

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