Saturday, January 21, 2012

Berkner Island Flag - Antarctica

Flag of Berkner Island, Antarctica

Berkner Island was one of the few places that was truly discovered in modern times, and by an American team at that.

Ice completely surrounds this island. Berkner island came to our awareness in 1957 under the leadership of Finn Ronne, who ironically was not a Finn.

However he was born in Scandinavia. Ethnically a Norwegian but yet, an all American Citizen, who made his home in Maryland. In 1957, the US Navy was his source of income.

This flag is based upon the American Flag - since America truly discovered this Hoth like world down under.

The canton actually depicts a constellation - Octans the eight pointed star compass. Octans is at the bottom of our celestial sphere. The eight pointed star refers to the 'Southern Star' - Sigma Octantis.

Also the stripes are reversed to having white as the dominant color. Instead there are seven white stripes and six red stripes.

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