Monday, January 16, 2012

African American Flag - made by an American

This flag was made by Davis Hammons originally born in Springfield, Illinois 1943. The neat coincidence about Illinois is that it has a partial Afro-Centric geographic orientation. There are 24 US states that have some or all land on par latitude with Africa. Seven are totally below the continent of Europe and seventeen are on par both continents - not including islands of either continent but the mainland only. Hammons later settled in New York and created an African USA American Pride flag.

Unlike the horizontal tri-bar Marcus Gravy black, green, and red flag - Hammons' flag was created by a home grown American. Marcus Gravy was born in Jamaica. Although the famous Pan-Nationalist African flag was created in New York City. That flag is for persons of African Heritage all over the world.

However Hammons' flag is for persons of African heritage who are United States Citizens.


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