Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Afghanistan and Darfur - Fraternal Twins from Asia to Africa

Afghanistan Flag 21 Century Colours
Red-Green and Black-White Flag

Ever since the fall of the British Empire in the 1950s, two regions of Asia and Africa have become perpetual war zones. Sudan has recently - 2011 - saw succession of its southern region in to the new nation of South Sudan. However the south-western region - Darfur - is still in conflict. The primary colours of the Darfur rebels follows in rhythm with the colours of Afghanistan.

Likewise in the heart of Asia, Afghanistan has been host to the uncomfortable and obnoxious guest of 'CIVIL WAR.'

Rebel Flag of Darfur, South Western Sudan
White-Black and Green-Red Flag

Both Darfur and Afghanistan have been in a state of chaos and civil war for all of the 21st century. The combatants are of a similar religion - Islam. Yet can not agree on the rule of law and lines of division.

We are the world, and these two regions of Earth have been thrust into the limelight of our intelligence agencies. In the afterglow of the Cold War they continued to simmer and boil, eventually catching the attention of the west and the wealthiest of nations. It illustrates the ancient proverb that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Fraternal Colours - Afghanistan and Darfur

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