Sunday, December 4, 2011

Flag of Baker Island

Flag of Baker Island

This is the flag of Baker Island, a lonely speck in between the New Worlds - Australia and America. Although in the northern hemisphere, Baker Island is closer to Australia - making it from one geographic rule Australian Territory. Thus Baker Island is a tiny part of the Australian Sphere under US control.

The colours are red, white, blue and indigo. In the central position is a hermit crab. Along the upper fly is a triangular canton. The star pattern is based upon the 'Betsy Ross Design.' There are five stripes - three white and two red representing the five US states with a Pacific Ocean coast line - California, Oregon, Washington State, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Along the bottom hoist side is another triangular canton with five stars modeled on the star field of the current Australian flag. The canton is separated by a long version of the English flag that balances to the five American Stripes. Elements of the US American and Australian flags are included because Baker Island is mid-way between these two continents.

In the middle is a large indigo dexter blend with the drawing of a hermit crab. The charge is universal-substitutive which means that the hermit crab drawing is non-standard. Thus any image that remotely looks like a hermit crab can be substituted even Mr. Krabs from the SpongeBob Sqarepants television show.

added May 20, 2012

After careful consideration and professional feedback from the 2012 Spring CBFA Meeting, thanks to Voron Xarya, a redesign is in order. No more skinny English Flag, rather it's replaced with a five stripe bend. The five stripes symbolize the five parts of the USA that are closest to the Australian Continent: American Samoa, Baker Island, Howland Island, Guam, and Rota of the Northern Mariana Islands. Believe it or not those five 'territories' of the USA are arguably geographically a part of Australia. There are a total of "13 divisions" so to speak - 4 red, 6 white, 1 indigo and 2 blue.

The southern cross is appropriate. America like Australia has native marsupials! I'm talking about opossums, no joke. The central crab is still "universal-substitutive" - meaning it can be anything that remotely looks like a hermit crab. I invented this term so children could make up their own Baker Island flag while learning a little bit about geography.

Baker Island Flag 2.0
"really, any crab will do"


Added July 23, 2012

I, Christopher Maddish, the designer of the Baker Island flag release the above design/images of Baker Island Flag into the public domain. May any user feel free to print, copy, or share the image. However note that the crab is 'universal substitutive' meaning that the image of the central crab is non-specific and can be redesigned in any manner of the would be artist. However note the Kursty the Krab nor the biotech hermit crab are my own images to release.

Joann94024 at en.wikipedia. English: Day Beacon, Baker Island, Pacific Ocean. 18 August 2008. Own Work

Original Black and White drawing of the hermit crab by


  1. Incredible! I was helping my daughter with homework by finding a photo of an island. Searching for images of Baker Island brought me to this website. Since I have actually been to Baker Island and supported an environmental study of the island in 1998, this "speck" holds sentimental value for me. The flag is most appropriate. After spending nights in my tent fighting off the hermits crabs, I understand...

    1. Happy to hear that. My research paid off!

  2. Indigo is a very dark shade of blue/purple- you seem to be using indigo to describe the broad central stripe of light blue/turquoise.

  3. G'day anyone how on the island banker island is any matchbox covers say the name on it please let me no if so

  4. I like the flag but I think you should redraw the hermit crab because image quality is not very good. I mean the hermit crab needs more colour. For example the Midway Island flag's bird seems to be drawn which is ok. In this case the hermit crab appears to be a photo taken. It doesn't seem to be inside the flag but outside. It's like a copy and paste photo.